Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wavefront LASIK – A custom LASIK

Wavefront LASIK , is the latest technology in the vision correction industry .
This technology has taken the LASIK eye surgery a further step . where it uses a laser to create a cornea flap(the INTRALASIK procedure), and a Custom Wavefront technology to guide the excimer laser for the best possible results in the second step of the LASIK procedure.
With this technology the LASIK surgery became safer and more precise , and that's why it's being called the Custom LASIK
As we know , everyone's eyes are not the same …, and with the advanced software called Wavefront, the doctor get's the ability to get a 3-dismensional measurements of the patient's eye , and as a result of these measurements a customized map of the patient eye is obtained, this map shows how the patient 's eye process images when light enters. And therefore a customized surgical plan is taken to correct the irregularities . The correction is determined precisely at specified depth and position according to the measurements obtained, With these measurements, the doctor could use a laser to reshape the cornea properly.
This accuracy helps in the quality of the patient postoperative vision , and this is what is called wavefront LASIK or custom LASIK.

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