Saturday, April 3, 2010


INTRALASIK , Also know as INTRALASE , Bladeless LASIK and All –Laser-LASIK is the alternative to the Microkeratome in the traditional LASIK procedure . It is a predictable method for creating the corneal flap than the conventional mechanical microkeratome laser.
As it's well known , the LASIK eye surgery in general consists of two steps:
1. creating a flap on the cornea's outermost layer, called the epithelium.
2. Reshaping the cornea by excimer laser.
In the traditional LASIK procedure , the Microkeratome (a metal blade ) is being used to create the flap ,where in the IANTRALASE or INTRALASIK procedure the patient can undergo a bladeless form of LASIK ,where a femtosecond laser is used to create the flap during the LASIK eye surgery . therefore the patient is provided with a "fearless" vision correction surgery with higher level of safety and accuracy……why??!!....
In the Intralase procedure , we get rid off those Postoperative complications associated with the use of the microkeratome in the traditional LASIK procedure here comes the safety, and…because the Intralase uses a computer controlled laser that delivers pulses of femtosecond laser light to the cornea ..this results in a greater accuracy in flap size, shape, and thickness.

A flap created by a microkeratome as in the traditional LASIK procedure.

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